• HBMR Infra is a real estate company that has been operating in Aya Nagar, New Delhi since 2003. The company specializes in providing services related to various types of properties including plots, apartments, farmhouses, villas, and more. We cater to individuals seeking properties in the region, offering a range of options for different preferences and needs.
  • We serve clients looking for various real estate options within the area to meet various preferences and needs.
  • HBMR Infra has always worked hard to maintain its commitments and thus has an outstanding reputation in the real estate industry.


Hbmr Infra is a highly-experienced in sale and purchase since 2003.

Our gated community farmhouse plots are in an excellent location, and you can buy framhouse, plots at a Fantastic Price.

100% Transparent and Clear Documentation and Transactions.

Our properties are RERA registered and DDA & GMDA Approved.

Farmhouse In | Gurgaon | Delhi

Gurgaon | New Delhi | NCR

Hbmr Infra - Gurgoun | New Delhi

  • 13 Acres
  • 202 Units
  • Farmhouses and Plots Sizes 100 by 50 feet, 2465 Sq. Yards

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